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Lose Inches & Excess Body Fat

Most of us could do with losing a few pounds.  I have never been an advocate of calorie counting (it never felt right to eat but still feel hungry!).  Also from observing my friends those that are constantly dieting or worried about their weight, they seem to fluctuate greatly and usually end up fatter than they were in the first place only managing to achieve their ideal weight for a friend's wedding or other important social occasion.  Ironically, those that tended to eat when hungry but basically ate healthily and avoided diet drinks tended to be the slimmest, they seem to burn up everything they eat and stay the same weight.   Coconut and coconut oil can satisfy your body's need for fats without which your body will always feel hungry - and, as in the case of high carb diets,  after a couple of hours you need more food - not so with coconut oil.  Coconut Oil will eliminate food cravings, energise you and help your body burn existing fat reserves. 

Not All Fats are Fattening! Some Fats are Great for your health. 

Coconut oil really is the fat that makes you thin!  Consuming the daily recommended dose can increase your metabolism by up to 65% (in obese people) and 48% in those that are slightly overweight.  It really is a metabolic marvel.  Like those that advocate eating protein to rev up your metabolism, coconut oil can shift your body into a higher gear so that you burn more calories, even more so than protein.  Coconut oil is a dietary fat that helps you lose inches and achieve your ideal weight.  As a bonus, coconut oil has a multitude of health giving properties.  You still need to be sensible about what you eat, at the end of the day if you are consuming loads more calories than you are burning then you will be put on weight.  However, replacing your normal oils and spreads with coconut oil plus using the recommended dose will commence thermogenesis (fat burning) in your body.  Virgin Coconut Oil is also the one of the HEALTHIEST oil to fry, bake and cook with as it is highly heat resistant.

Not all Saturated Fats are Bad for you.

Many doctors believe that saturated fats are bad for you.  However, coconut oil is different to other saturated fats such as those found in meat and is metabolised in the body differently.   Coconut oil does not get stored in the liver - because it contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) - these are easily absorbed by the body and rapidly burned and used as energy.  It can be tolerated by those without gallbladders too.  It acts like a fuel in the body, creating a furnace effect and helping to burn other fats (such as long-chain fatty acids).  It is  cholesterol free and it helps to rid the body of infections - which is proving now to be a higher risk of heart disease than cholesterol.  Latest research in cardiology shows a link between chlamydia, herpes and atherosclerosis.

Detoxifying & Recommended Dose

Coconut oil is a strong detoxifier so we recommend starting with a teaspoon, 2-3 times a day and see how your body reacts and build up as your body gets used to it.  There are many ways to use coconut oil including mixing into yoghurts, smoothies & even coffee.  See our Coconut Info Page for more ideas.  It can also help to regulate bowel movements and taking more than recommended daily dose can have a detox laxative affect.

Cutting out processed foods, especially those with HYDROGENATED anything, Aspartame, Sweeteners and Flavour Enhancers such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which are all harmful to the body will also aid detox and help your body regain its normal weight, vitality and strength.   Diet drinks actually may be increasing your body fat and poisoning you!

Breakfast - the best way to kick start your system!

Constant dieting and skipping meals, particularly breakfast will lead to a reduction in your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which will in turn make your body hold on to fat and burn it slowly - making it "fuel efficient" but contributing to weight gain.  This is why when you begin to eat normally again, you put even more weight on as your metabolism has slowed down.  Coconut (and of course exercise) are two of the best ways to increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat melting furnace.  The effects of both of these will also last for quite a few hours keeping your metabolism high. 

If you really cannot face breakfast (and we recommend eating something within one hour of waking to kick start your metabolism) then why not take a large spoonful of coconut oil in a yoghurt drink or pineapple juice.  Please make sure there are no artificial sweeteners in the drinks such as aspartame which can contribute to weight gain (and a host of other ailments).  If you want to curb your carbohydrate cravings  and clear your mind fog  you could also add Cool Oil full of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)  which help control blood sugar levels and provide the brain and body with the correct ratios of omega 3+6+9.

You can even introduce the good old fry up or steak & eggs using a small amount of coconut oil (you need 1/3 less than you would use lard or butter as it has a low water content).   If you really want to impact your weight skip the toast as this high protein breakfast will also give you energy and help you burn fat and create a lean body.  We recommend the glycaemic index diet as one of the healthiest around where you don't leave out any major food groups and you don't need to calorie count. 

You can also stir coconut oil into porridge.  Please do not microwave coconut oil as this destroys the healing properties.  In fact microwaving is not a healthy way of heating food.  You can cook porridge on the hob in a matter of minutes and add the coconut oil afterwards.  You can also stir in some linseeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries for a healthy start to the day.  We recommend organic porridge oats rather than some brands of individual sachets as these tend to have a lot of sugar.

Coconut Recipes

Muscle weighs more than fat and some crash diets will promote water & lean muscle loss initially which looks great on the scales (and you may lose the bloated belly) but does not really affect inch loss.  Pound for pound, muscle weighs 3x more than fat so by creating a lean muscle body - you may even weigh the same but could lose a couple of dress sizes.  Chuck out the scales and feel your clothes becoming looser - the best guide to healthy weight loss.  Buy Virgin Coconut Oil


Lean and Strong

Natives in the South Pacific Islands, Philippines and Sri Lanka that rely on coconut as the main source of food - they use coconut oil, eat the coconut and drink the coconut water - tend to be lean, strong and don't suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease or cancer like western society.  Obesity, heart disease and other degenerative diseases are on the increase only where the western refined diet and fast food chains have been introduced and these natives are abandoning their traditional coconut based diet (which was up to 60% of their diet) in favour of processed food.


If you would like to read the extensive research, references and find out more about this amazing oil,  we recommend


 Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife  RRP 11.99 our Price 10.19
Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut. Discover the amazing health benefits of coconut oil, meat, milk, and water. In this book you will learn why coconut oil is considered the healthiest oil on earth and how it can protect you against heart disease, diabetes, and infectious illnesses such as influenza, herpes, Candida, and even HIV.  Coconut Cures talks about the health benefits of the entire coconut—the meat, milk, water, as well as the oil. It is a more hands on type of book in that it explains exactly HOW to use the oil and other coconut products to overcome specific health problems. It is also loaded with case studies and testimonials. It includes two chapters on why coconut oil does not harm the heart and why it protects against heart disease.   Buy Coconut Cures



The Coconut Oil Miracle by Dr. Bruce Fife               Buy The Coconut Oil Miracle

Find out how you can lose weight, prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes, strengthen the immune system and beautify skin & hair.  

This book explains in much better detail than we can!  It will also tell you why you were told that coconut oil is bad for you and the many misconceptions around surrounding this amazing fruit.   Or if you prefer snippets - read more on our Coconut Oil Page

Lose Fat, Eat Fat by Dr. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon  This book will help you to

* Reset your metabolism
* Boost energy
* Banish fatigue
* Eliminate cravings
* Fight disease                                      Buy Eat Fat, Lose Fat


 In a Nutshell, why coconut is a good Fat:-

  • Coconut Oil is cholesterol free and good for the heart.
  • It contains medium-chain triglycerides and fatty acids (MCFAs) — when these are digested they go straight to the liver and are transformed into energy, not fat and can help to burn excess fat in the body.
  • It is thermogenic, which means it helps to increase the body’s metabolism (some studies show by up to 48% and up to 65% in very obese people, contributing to increased energy levels and weight loss.    The Fat that can make you Thin
  • Lots of other health benefits too!

Buy Virgin Coconut Oil

One of the Healthiest Ways to Cook!  Coconut oil is highly heat resistant and will only oxidise at temperatures ABOVE 198o Celsius due to its high concentration of saturated fats!.  A little goes a long way - with a water content of less than 1% - you need use only 1/3 of the amount that you would use butter, margarine or lard.  That means a 500ml tub of coconoil (our preferred source of virgin coconut) is equivalent to 1.5 Litres of Butter so its economical too.    DO NOT MICROWAVE, THIS DESTROYS THE NUTRIENTS

                                  More Info on the Book: The Coconut Oil Miracle


Coconoil - as recommended by Janey Lee Grace.  

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100% Certified Pure -  made from fresh coconut not dried meat known as "copra"

Grown without pesticides or herbicides   *   Unrefined  *  Unbleached   * Non-deodorised

Non-hydrogenated  * No GMO ingredients  * Free of Chemicals * Ethical Trade

Vegetarian Society Approved.   Suitable for vegans.      Not tested on animals  

Free from dairy, gluten & nuts                                      Buy Virgin Coconut Oil


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An invitation: Why don't you google  "virgin coconut" and just read up on this amazing oil, not everything is included on this page and we are finding out more everyday!                                 

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