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Cherry Stone Pillow

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Cherry Stone Pillow is a pillow filled with cherry stones that you can easily and quickly heat up in the microwave. The pillow forms to your body, and stays warm for up to 45 minutes.

Previously, the cherry pits were cleaned, dried and put into bags. Which were laid during the day on the stove so that afterwards the housemates could enjoy a whole evening of wonderful warmth. Inatura learned it from a Swiss grandmother and blew the almost forgotten tradition new life.

Kerse Pitje gives hours of blissful warmth to the body, exactly at that place where it is most needed. Brings joy and warmth. So just extract Kerse Pitje at home.
Soothing warmth

If Kerse Pitje is put a few minutes in the microwave (MW) it radiates a cozy warmth for hours. Kerse Pitje saves you from cold feet. Place the pad in the neck if you’re tense, on the abdomen to relieve cramps. Ideal to warm up baby’s cradle. 101 ways will give Kerse Pitje joy.
Easy and safe

Kerse Pitje immediately takes the shape of the body. It cannot leak and is never colder than body temperature. The pad can be used over and over again. To clean you can put it with seeds in the washing machine.
Pure nature

A sturdy cotton bag with fine design, selected cherry pits that were specially cleaned and dried carefully … it could be simpler? So simple yet Kerse Pitje gives you a blissful warmth for hours. Truly a wonder of nature.

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