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According to government statistics*, 20% of people in the UK suffer from hayfever (allergic rhinitis) caused by pollens of specific seasonal plants.  It is estimated that grass pollen is the cause in 90% of these sufferers.  Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose and itching eyes.  Although most prevalent between mid-spring to end of June, hay fever can be suffered all year round from pollens of trees and weeds.

NHS Direct, Article: Hayfever

 There are many things you can to help alleviate the affects of pollen such as eating this season’s locally produced honey, this has a homeopathic effect, ingesting the pollen from honey makes your body less sensitive and less likely to react to the pollen.  However, if you travel away for work or leave the local area, you will be subjected to “foreign pollens” that can trigger the allergy….


One of the best remedies we have found is an organic drug-free pollen barrier, made completely from organic certified ingredients. HayMax™ is applied to the base of each nostril and helps to trap the pollen before it gets into your body.  It was voted Best organic product 2006 and is highly recommended by ITVs Dr. Chris Steele and author of “Beat your allergies”, Dr. Rob Hicks.   Created by Max Wiseberg, a Hay fever sufferer who had tried many remedies to alleviate suffering, he had decided to treat the cause, not the symptoms.  

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It is so simple; all you need to remember to do is to apply it!  Prevention is better than cure! HayMax™  pure balm will help you to enjoy the outdoors with no side effects.

You can apply to the eye area too (not in the eye and use "pure" version) around the sockets to reduce the pollen that causes itchy eyes – this can sometimes be systemic so simply by putting it around your nose and blocking the pollen, you may find that nasal application is all you need.

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Safe enough for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums.  HayMax™ has been proven in national press, independent & user trials and also rated as highly as the most effective pharmaceuticals.

There are other things you can do to alleviate hay fever which you can combine with Haymax to reduce histamine in the body ...... 

  • Eat Locally Produced Honey
  •  Take extra Vitamin C - a recent study showed 2000mg of Vitamin C daily reduced blood levels of histamine by up to 40%
  • Keep windows closed
  • Sunglasses can keep pollen out of eyes
  • Shower before bed to clean off pollen
  • Avoid cutting the grass.   If you do need to mow the lawn, do it in the morning when it's still got dew on it
  • Avoid hanging washing out to dry – it will collect pollen
  • Check the pollen forecast and stay indoors if the count is high.
  • In your garden, choose plants that are pollinated by birds or insects, rather than plants that release their seeds into the air
  • Use an ioniser in the house to reduce airborne irritants.
  • Damp dust at least once a week on all surfaces.
  • Hay fever sufferers are often allergic to cat hair – keep domestic pets out of living areas particularly cats & dogs.
  • Place a few drops of melissa true and basil (sweet) on a handkerchief and inhale to clear the sinuses
  • Eat foods rich in quercetin such as red onions, apples, grapes, all types of berries, cherries and garlic – this is a natural anti-histamine which can alleviate some of the symptoms.
  • Avoid mucous forming foods such as dairy products, citrus especially oranges, wheat and refined foods such as biscuits, cakes and pies.  Try using fresh ginger which is an anti-histamine and decongestant which widens constricted bronchial tubes.  Use in dishes such as stir-frys and curries. 

 I know what I would rather do.   Bless you!

 ęSue Foley – Aromatherapist    Some of the tips shown are reproduced with kind permission of Max Wiseberg, creator of HayMax™

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