Asphalia - For Natural Sleep (30 vegicaps)

Asphalia - For Natural Sleep (30 vegicaps)

"I have been taking Asphalia for six months due to sleep problems. To my surprise, not only did my sleep problems disappear, but so did my weight! I have lost over a stone without dieting!" - M.G. Evans, Essex

"Asphalia has significantly helped my sleep but also my complexion is in excellent condition now!" - T. Speck, Grantham

"I have found Asphalia to be highly effective at regulating sleep patterns, even when they are disrupted by jet lag" - Jennifer Harper-Deacon, Sunday Times. Health Journalist of the Year 2008.

"Asphalia is a unique product regarded as the greatest breakthrough in sleep improvement in decades" - Jan De Vries, Nationally Acclaimed Nutritionist.

Asphalia is produced in a Welsh valley from entirely natural plant materials chosen for their high antioxidant profile. The three stage milling process, producing submicron particles, not only prevents the proteins from denaturing but also permits easier sublingual intake straight into the blood stream for fast action.

A blend of wheat and barley grasses and clover

If you are electro-sensitive or sensitive to medicines & herbal remedies, take a half dose in water. Take in water for quicker assimilation and if using for children under 12 - use half a capsule in water. Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

N.B. Ffor faster assimilation break open the capsule gently and add to a teaspoon or two of water, then take the liquid under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. If you find the asphalia does not aid in sleep try halving the dose. Children under 12 should take only ½ capsule.