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Turmeric (Cucurma longa) 450mg

Turmeric (Cucurma longa) 450mg

Turmeric capsules contain the active component Curcumin which is thought to support health in a number of ways. Each capsules contains 450mg in a plant source vegetarian shell. NO Magnesium Stearate*. 100% Additive Free. No hydrogenated oil, artificial sweeteners or colours.

*Nutritional supplements are used to enhance diets, restoring or supplementing nutrients, the key focus being nutritional value. One widely used supplement additive is magnesium stearate, also known as Stearic acid. Research shows magnesium stearate may suppress the body's natural killer cells. It produces a reaction in the gut to form a film or lining that works as a barrier to stop or limit absorption of nutrients.

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