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Tingli* Head Massager

Tingli*  Head Massager

Head for the ultimate chill out with Tingli* the head massager...! So simple... yet so effective.

Specifically designed to stimulate nerves and acupressure points on the scalp and neck, Tingli* is certain to send shivers down your spine and make you tingle from head to toe..!

Gently massage the soft tipped wires over the top of your head, or better still let someone else do it for you... The flexible wire fingers caress the contours... move Tingli* up and down, around in small circles and relax - feel the goosebumps, whilst your scalp is gently massaged, encouraging improved circulation and a feeling of calm.

Sense-ational... a fantastic gift for everyone - even that man who has everything !

Made from brushed aluminium and stainless steel wire.

Size: 25cm long
Colour: Purple handle
Packaging: Frosted PP tube
Code: 1095

Price: 6.00 (5.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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