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Summerdown Peppermint Tea (20)

Summerdown Peppermint Tea  (20)

The ultimate in peppermint tea which can aid digestion and freshen the breath! Grown & Distilled in Hampshire.

Summerdown uses pure, single estate peppermint leaf for a cooler, more intense flavour that is less harsh than other varieties. The oil extracted from the leaves is left in vats for over a year to mature and balance the flavours. The result - cool minty heaven, perfect served with Summerdown's other masterpiece, its Pure Mint Chocolates.

Black Mitcham is mint as your great grandparents knew it - a taste that has been lost for generations. Fresh, aromatic and bright, it is very different to the harsher, blended imported peppermints of the past 60 years.

Price: 3.50

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