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Relax Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Relax Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Relax by The Essential Oil Company is a 100% pure blend of essential oils. Relax is a calming blend of pure essential oils of geranium, sweet orange, lavender, lavandin and ylang ylang. Create a spa aroma in your home or use in your work space (colleagues permitting!). Can be used in vapourisers, in a massage oil base (at 5% dilution), or in the bath - we recommending diluting in a tablespoon of full fat milk to disperse.

Use as needed in a suitable vaporiser or diffuser to spread these delightful aromas throughout your home or workplace. Approximately 4-6 drops fragrance will last for up to an hour.
For external use only. Should not be dropped onto wooden surfaces as they may damage or stain. Keep away from babies and small children. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight. Not tested on animals.

Price: 6.95 (5.79 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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