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Maroma Incense Sticks Pack (10 sticks)

Maroma Incense Sticks Pack (10 sticks)

Maroma Encens d'Auroville Incense

SUPERIOR incense! Unlike other such products, these Aromatherapy fragrances are achieved through a sensitive blending of many oils. Composed & and blended, using the classic French interplay of resonance and affinity, the resulting products are alive with a multiplicity of attributes that add a new dimension to home fragrance. Research has proven that using at least 10 or more natural essential oils and resins in a given blend brings about a more complete therapy. Furthermore, because these blends are structured like fine perfumes, the well being effect is magnified and prolonged.

All Maroma Encens d'Auroville incense fragrances are unique and each selection leaves one both pleasantly surprised and surprisingly enchanted. Bamboo sticks are hand rolled into sandalwood powder and bound together with a natural gum resin and then dipped into our own fragrances, blended with essential oils. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of unity that enhances the atmosphere and makes the air alive.

Attractively packaged, different colours for different fragrance blends.

Price: 3.30 (2.75 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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