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GoodNight by Better You Spray

GoodNight by Better You Spray

A natural solution for troubled and restless nights. Instant spray formulation direct to skin.

A 100% natural combination of minerals and herbs to help promote deep and restorative sleep. BetterYou has combined two of nature's most powerful anti-spasmodic sources with a combination of effective sleep inducers to provide relief from night-time restlessness and gently induce restorative sleep.

Non-addictive and with no morning drowsiness. The majority of disrupted sleep patterns are caused by night-time muscle and nerve spasms. BetterYou GoodNight has been formulated specifically for those of us who suffer from restless nights. A quickly absorbed formulation to help relax and calm muscles and nerves.

Restless Leg Syndrome & Night Cramps
Magnesium and Passion Flower possess excellent natural anti-spasmodic qualities helping to relax nerves and muscles, calming the body and helping to regulate normal blood flow

Insomnia & Irregular Sleep Patterns
The natural combination of magnesium, hops, valerian and chamomille are quickly absorbed, helping to regulate the body’s supply of melatonin, the hormone essential for normal sleep cycles.

No morning-after grogginess
100% food sourced ingredients for fast and effective absorption with no morning after effects.

Suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac diet. BetterYou products are never tested on animals.

Price: 12.20 (10.17 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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