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Dead Sea Spa Salt Brushing

Dead Sea Spa Salt Brushing

500g Salt Brushing Tub Voted BEST Body Exfoliator by YOU Magazine

This is Dead Sea Spa #1 best selling product. Suitable for those who desire a highly nourishing exfoliating treatment. It naturally exfoliates without irritating. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant therefore having an anti-ageing and healing effect, and the Coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the skin:

Helps break down adipose tissue * Reduces cellulite * Detoxifies the body * Increases lymph flow * Improves blood circulation * Speeds up cell metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration * Relaxes the muscles * Soothes nerve endings

Dead Sea minerals: Magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium as bromides, chlorides, sulphates.

Price: 13.30 (11.08 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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