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DLux1000 Vitamin D3 Spray

DLux1000 Vitamin D3 Spray

BetterYouTM DLux 1000 oral vitamin D3 spray
100 daily sprays 3 months supply. 1000IU per measured spray. Natural peppermint oil flavour. Read more about Vitamin D Benefits & Deficiencies

DLux is a convenient daily oral vitamin D spray formulated to combat vitamin D3 deficiency. Vitamin D3 is a natural aid to bone and teeth health and helps to support the immune system. DLux is suitable for vegetarians and has a natural peppermint flavour. Take one spray under the tongue daily or as recommended by your healthcare paractitioner.

"Almost everyone in Europe gets insufficient vitamin D because the sun is not strong enough in winter to make any in the skin. People in Britain and Ireland have particularly low levels of the sunshine vitamin because of our cloudy summer climate......" Oliver Gillie, director of Health Research Forum.

Developed under the expert guidance of healthcare pioneer Jan de Vries, D Lux 1000 vitamin D spray is of particular importance to children, the elderly, during pregnancy and those with dark skin.

Spray directly under the tongue. The formula is micro emulsified for optimal uptake and utilisation. This unique delivery system uses a miniature propeller within the spray head to further break up the emulsion into a mist, optimising entry into the blood stream. Finally we've added a medium chain triglyceride to enhance absorption so don't worry if the spray is swallowed.

"Because vitamin D is so cheap and so clearly reduces all-cause mortality, I can say this with great certainty: Vitamin D represents the single most cost-effective medical intervention in the United States."

~ Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Medical Director, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis

Vitamin D3 is the best form (not pharmaceutical vit d) or 10-20 minutes unprotected sun exposure (no sunscreen) around noon every day - which creates about 10000 iu.The RDA for Vit D is pitifully low and hundreds of clinical studies now proving one of the most important supplements you can take. Good for immunity, anti-cancer, heart disease, bone strength and so much more! It is actually a hormone, not a vitamin!

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