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Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragon

Warmies Cozy Plush Blue Dragon

There was a time when blue dragons only existed in folklore or mythological tales. Not anymore. Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragons are commonly being found all over the world, for a number of reasons. There is nothing tough or armoured about Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragon's hide – after you've run your hand across his marvellously soft plush coat for the first time, you'll want to do so again and again. What's more, after being popped in the microwave quickly, Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragon is wonderfully warm to hold (not too hot, and not disappointingly lukewarm – but 'just right') and the soothing French lavender scent he emits is also something you'll love.

As well as being a firm favourite with children of all ages, teenagers also love giving Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragon as a gift, and adults like nothing more after a tough day than settling down in front of the TV with Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Dragon on their lap or by their side, to help ease tired muscles and soothe aches and pains.

Quick Facts

Simple to use - just warm in a microwave
Can be reheated thousands of times
Surface clean with a damp sponge
No quibble refund policy. If you are not delighted with your purchase simply return for a full refund.

Beware of imitations.

Price: 12.95 (10.79 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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