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Colloidal Silver High Stability 250ml

Colloidal Silver High Stability 250ml

Rivers Of Health (Devon) 500ml High Stability Colloidal Silver (Screw Cap Bottle)

Silver is one of the oldest anti-microbial agents known. In this colloidal form it is germicidal to many pathogenic organisms, bacterial, viral and fungal.

PET plastic recyclable bottle which does not affect the colloid. Please ONLY decant into a sterile Glass Bottle or the branded Rivers PET bottles (some other PETs contain other plastic which reacts with the colloidal silver)

Ideal for topical application
Ideal for oral application - for spraying into the mouth and throat
Can be sprayed onto skin including damaged skin
It is also suitable for plants and animals

Suitable for vegans

Ultra purified water, medical grade silver
Potency specification/particle size range 0.0006 to 0.005 microns Silver content is approx 10 parts per million

Price: 12.98 (10.82 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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