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Coconut Baking Flour 500g Organic, Fair Trade 100% RAW

Coconut Baking Flour 500g Organic, Fair Trade 100% RAW

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Baking Flour

For making delicious, gluten free, fibre rich and low carbohydrate baked foods. Naturally gluten free, it is an effective alternative to wheat and grain flours for people who have gluten intolerances. 100% pure, low in carbohydrates (21%), high in dietary fibre (37%) and is a good source of protein (17%). Very economical, the high fibre content will increase the yield of your baked foods by 50% dough weight.

TIANA Organic Coconut Flour is Naturally Gluten Free. Cholesterol-free.

TIANA organic gluten free coconut flour is 100% pure, low in carbohydrates, rich in fibre, protein and important nutrients. It is a gluten-free substitute for wheat and grain flour for making delicious low-carbohydrate and fibre rich baked foods that taste as good as or even better than making with wheat flour. It contains 39% dietary fibre that is calorie free and it is ideal for low carbohydrate, raw, gluten and wheat free diets. It has a low GI (glycemic index) and helps to regulate blood sugar and protect against diabetes and lower your cholesterol levels. Due to its high fibre content can improve your digestive system, intestinal environment and optimising your weight without feeling hungry.

Add up to 20% to any flour in your recipes. Use for improving the texture of baked foods. Enhances the flavour of vanilla and chocolate. Excellent as a thickener for sauces and gravies. Add to porridge, soup, smoothies or desserts. Sprinkle daily onto your morning cereal.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Flour 100% Raw

Nutritional Information
Typical values Per 100g:
Energy 1524kJ/368kcal, Protein 17.4g, Carbohydrate 21.7g of which sugars 6.8g, Fat 15.1g of which saturates 14g of which cholesterol 0mg, Fibre 37.6g, Sodium 0.2g, Iron 11.8mg

Coconut can be used for individuals with food allergies, however some people can have an allergy to coconut, if in doubt always check with your doctor.

TIANA Organic coconut flour can be used for those who are allergic to gluten, wheat, soy, milk and other common allergens.

TIANA Organic Coconut Flour is High in Fibre
Enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle with TIANA Coconut Flour as part of you balanced diet: only 3 - 4 tablespoons of our organic flour a day provides 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of fibre.

TIANA Organic Coconut Flour provides a good source of protein which are important for vegetarian and vegan diets (17g of protein per 100g product)

Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Low GI, Raw

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