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Badger Balm Focus Balm 17g/.60z Aromatherapy Stick

Badger Balm Focus Balm 17g/.60z Aromatherapy Stick

Formerly Clear Mind Balm to energise and clear the mind.

This is a wonderful balm to help you concentrate! An energising blend of Citrus & Ginger combined with Lemon and Rosemary essential oils to promote crisp, sharp, clarity of mind. Essential oil of Grapefruit is uplifting and refreshing, and is traditionally used to clear mental clutter. Focus Balm includes the traditional essential oils for clarity and focus, as well as essential oils of Cardamom and Ginger. Rub a little onto wrists temples & forehead and back of the neck - breathe it in to promote improved concentration, focus and clarity of though. Handy balm in a stick!

Price: 5.99 (4.99 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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