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BENZOIN - Styrax benzoin (Diluted)

BENZOIN - Styrax benzoin (Diluted)

Our benzoin is a dilution of 20% benzoin resin in benzyl benzoate<</span>>!!(to make it pourable) , many essential oil companies dilute in DPG = Dipropylene Glycol which is also used an additive for carburettor fuels as a lubricant and anti-freezing agent!.

Aroma: Sweet, warm, vanilla like

This scented gum, best known in the West as a key ingredient of Friars Balsam, benzoin has been used for thousand of years in the East. Used in elixirs particularly for its heating and drying effects on cold & damp conditions. A very warming, relaxing and nurturing oil to use in times of confusion and worry. Useful for dry, chapped and cracked skin helping to increase elasticity.

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