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Asphalia - For Natural Sleep (30 vegicaps)

Asphalia - For Natural Sleep (30 vegicaps)

Leading nutritionists are hailing Asphalia as the biggest breakthrough in sleep improvement for decades.

Asphalia Natural Sleep is an original high anti-oxidant formula is five times as powerful as Vitamin C, a natural form of melatonin, the same biomolecule is known to regulate the circadian cycle, and helps ensure a restful sleep without disturbing vital sleep architecture, the benefits of which include:-

Sleep Improvement
Sleep Walking
Improved Complexion
Aids Weightloss
Immune Protection
Protection against electromagnetic fields and radiations (EMFs) from mobile phones, powerlines & masts

30 Capsules (vegicaps). Approved by the Vegetarian Society as being suitable for vegans and gluten free.
NOT suitable for severe asthmatics.
Recommended by Janey Lee Grace
Electrosensitives dose is half a capsule.

Price: 12.20 (10.17 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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