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Acilis Water 400ml (1 Bottle)

Acilis Water 400ml (1 Bottle)

ACILIS by Spritzer silica water is natural artesian bottled drinking water sourced 420ft deep below protected Malaysian rainforest. Naturally still, soft, refreshing and inherently cleansing, it is high in silica, a mineral that scientists have discovered has health giving qualities proven as detoxing and accepted as anti-aging. You can really taste the difference and it's one of the few bottled waters that is rich in silica. Maximum 12 bottles per order (or order case quantities)

Mineral Content (Average analysis mg/L): Silica 55.2

Potassium 3.1; Calcium 36; Magnesium 3.7; Bicarbonate 93; Sulphate 22.1; Chloride 0.78; Total dissolved solids 198; pH 7.10

BPA Free Bottle: ACILIS bottles are BPA free. They come in PET Polyester plastic, officially approved for bottled water as it is inert, and free of BPA Polycarbonate with its negative properties.

ACILIS silica water from Malaysia is used by scientists at Keele University (UK) for research into the benefits of drinking silica water regularly as a detox against aluminium (a known neurotoxin) in humans. Silica binds aluminium and helps to flush it out of the brain and body.

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